Your heating system burns fuel. The desired result is heat. The necessary evils are the products of combustion. These exhaust gases have to be vented outdoors…

…So you should have your chimney or furnace vent cleaned and inspected.

Ventilation can occur a couple of ways. Your furnace can be connected to a chimney, or it can vent to the building exterior through a plastic or metal pipe. Regardless of the method, the exhaust system should be cleaned and inspected.

Annual inspections are recommended.  If the exhaust system is blocked, there is the potential for carbon monoxide and other products of combustion to back up into the house.

This is best left to a professional. If your furnace vents into a chimney, call a certified chimney specialist. If your heating system vents straight through the wall to the building exterior, call a heating contractor. Some heating contractors inspect the exhaust system as part of their furnace servicing. Be sure to ask the contractor if it’s included or not.

Text provided by “Home Inspection by P.R.O.S.”

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