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Test and Clean your Smoke Alarms

by H&H Real Estate Media in Buying a Home,Home Improvement.

“You’ve heard all the statistics about how many people die in home fires every year, but if you’re like most of us, this hasn’t motivated you. Batteries are easier to replace than people. Don’t neglect your smoke alarms.” Test and clean your smoke alarms: Press the test button once a month, but we’ll only remind…

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Get your chimney/furnace vent cleaned + inspected

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Your heating system burns fuel. The desired result is heat. The necessary evils are the products of combustion. These exhaust gases have to be vented outdoors… …So you should have your chimney or furnace vent cleaned and inspected. Ventilation can occur a couple of ways. Your furnace can be connected to a chimney, or it…

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Get your Home ready for Spring | Checklist

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Maintaining your home requires planning and organization. This spring, use this checklist to keep projects on track Clean and sharpen garden tools Check outdoor planters for damage and replace as needed Have a professional inspect your air conditioning system Replace damaged outdoor lighting Replace batteries in smoke alarms Review your fire escape plan Inspect your…

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